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Ooh, Jewels! is a jewelry making traveling company for over 20 years, currently serving the NY Metro area. We offer the finest jewelry making activity for all your parties and occasions, in person or virtual. Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, bridal showers, after school activities, and more. We bring our high-quality materials and experienced instructors to you. The possibilities for an experience with Ooh, Jewels! are as unique as the jewelry you can create, customized for each occasion. Call 516-791-6043 or email to book your event now!

Necklace Making Party Activity:
Let your child's creativity shine at our necklace making party! It's the perfect opportunity for them to explore their imagination while crafting a beautiful piece of jewelry. With a variety of beads, charms, and pearls to choose from, they'll create a necklace that reflects their unique personality. Our expert guidance ensures they'll have a fantastic time while developing their artistic skills. Each child will proudly take home their own uniquely crafted necklace, adorned with their favorite beads and charms, along with a personalized note to cherish their creative achievement and the fun they had celebrating at the party!
Bracelet Making Party Activity: Join us for a bracelet making party that promises heaps of fun for your little one! They'll have a blast selecting colorful beads, charming pendants, and sparkling crystals to craft their own special bracelet. It's a chance for them to express themselves creatively and create something they'll be proud to wear. Every little artist will leave with a one-of-a-kind bracelet they've designed themselves, complete with special touches and colors they love, along with a heartfelt note to remind them of the fun they had.









Mirror Bejewel Party Activity: Spark your child's imagination with our mirror bejewel party! They'll love transforming plain mirrors into dazzling works of art by decorating them with glittering gemstones, radiant rhinestones, and shimmering sequins. It's a delightful activity that not only enhances their creativity but also adds a touch of sparkle to their space. Watch their eyes light up as they see their reflection surrounded by their own beautiful creation. After adding their sparkle to a mirror, each child will take home their dazzling creation, ready to hang in their room as a reflection of their creativity, accompanied by a personalized note celebrating their imaginative flair.

Build a Bear Party Activity: Treat your little one to a heartwarming experience at our build a bear party! They'll have the chance to bring their very own furry friend to life with stuffing, fluff, and love. From cuddly teddy bears to adorable animals, there's a perfect companion waiting to be made. It's a wonderful way to foster imagination and creativity while creating a cherished keepsake they'll treasure for years to come. As the party wraps up, each child will proudly carry home their newly crafted furry friend, filled with love and personality, along with a heartfelt note to commemorate the memories made during their special bear-building adventure.