From the Designer's Desk

Ofra, Founder & Jewelry Artist
Israeli artist Ofra originally founded Ooh, Jewels! to showcase her unique collection of handcrafted jewelry created with only the finest semi-precious stones of assorted colors, sizes and shapes.
Born and raised in Israel, Ofra began her career working at the Israeli Diamond Exchange. When she moved to New York in her early 20s, she continued her work in the Diamond District of New York City. Studying in the city sparked her interest and shifted her focus to the beauty of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones, which led her to launch Ooh, Jewels!.
Ofra teaches jewelry design and creation to all ages and abilities. She works closely with special needs programs and individuals. Ofra is known for her warmth, calm demeanor and her ability to spark creativity and conversation with individuals of all ages with all types of abilities. The decision to teach grew from her personal desire to share her love of beads and all the beautiful things that can be created with them. As a company that started and became popular in her town of residence, a continual sense of community and togetherness is a hallmark of the Ooh, Jewels! brand and is felt in the atmosphere of every event.